Friday, December 02, 2022

Were the University of Idaho student murders the act of a Charles Manson style cult?

Moscow, Idaho-The shocking November 13 stabbing death of four students here has a familiar ring to me.  It’s the Southern California murders by the Charles Manson Cult some 53 years ago that were equally as depraved and gruesome.  Is there another cult out there with deranged followers behind this? 

I think everyone seems convinced that there was only one killer involved.  However, is there any evidence that supports a one killer scenario? 

One thing for sure and that’s the killer/s are still at large and conceivably planing the next crime.  Cops called this a targeted attack.  However that assumption must come with suspects and motivation behind this brutal slaughter.  Police apparently are nowhere near solving this horror show. 

My thoughts are that this police “targeted” theory is only an effort to prevent the gun buying panic that happened  after the Manson crimes and before their apprehensions.  Also frightened parents pulling their kids out of that school was and is no small concern. 

Nobody but me has suggested that a group of killers were involved.  That would indeed be rare but certainly possible considering the efficiency of the massacre. 

There is good news in this because as in all cases involving multiple criminals things unravel.  That’s because someone usually begins talking betraying his or her comrades.  

If anyone has information they are waiting for the call at 208-883-7180

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