Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Our Broken System of Criminal Justice by Paul Huebl

Los Angeles, CA--Due process and our dubious criminal justice system is really not doing well.  

Exonerations are on the rise as exhaustive post conviction investigations expose police, crime lab or prosecutorial misconduct. 

It takes decades to expose wrongful convictions as these victims rot in our prisons. 

This is not about reducing the penalties that criminals deserve.  This is about pure and simple justice and fairness.  

Prosecutors have been given excessive powers in recent years that they nearly always abuse.  Juries almost never hear about the checkered backgrounds of witnesses and so-called victims. The backgrounds of the accused however are nearly always disclosed.  

We routinely convict people in circumstantial cases where the jury guesses guilt or innocence.   If a jury has to guess, that should dictate an acquittal but that’s just not how it works.  

I have worked with the best and worst lawyers.  Even lawyers considered to be excellent, too often overlook or simply dismiss important evidence.  Egos too often obstruct otherwise good lawyers.  It’s a human reality. 

Usually but not always money buys a better legal defense.  

Defense investigation makes or breaks achieving justice.  Unfortunately the vast majority of people practicing that occupation are incredibly unqualified.  They couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a flashlight. 

Too many private investigators spend their time plagiarizing the more attractive websites of their competitors! The formal training of cops in every discipline of evidence collection, interviews, interrogations along with the sciences and use of today’s sweeping computer data is just not generally available in kind to private investigators.

Without real due process and fair trials we are no better than dispensing a form of Fake Justice.  

We need to keep juries far away from Google, Fake News and those outside influences.  However that’s absolutely impossible in this day and age.  

This is not a Liberal-Conservative issue.  This is about what might happen to you or a loved one. 

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