Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The CEO of the New York Times said print news will be dead within 10years...

That’s a sad but realistic view of our society that tolerates ignorance despite our taxpayer funded public education.  

Our massive immigration invitation to the worlds poor and illiterate combined with acceptance of their refusal to learn how to read and write has become a major crisis.

Too many of our own children, particularly Blacks and Hispanics are allowed to reject the tools needed to escape a lifetime of financial dependency.  

Our illiterates are doomed to only receive communication rather than creating and influencing their world.  The future is in clearly creating watchable video.  Government, businesses, news providers and entertainers must cater to our illiterate society. 

Of course video communication is now superior to any other form.  Being able to create exceptional video will be the ultimate influencing skill.  

We must equip our children with the tools and resources so they are not allowed to fail.

The best camera ever is the one you have at the moment.  For billions of people that is the smart phone.  The very young and even our senior citizens can easily master the iPhone and iMovie editing software. 

The versatility of more sophisticated camera equipment and microphones do have distinct advantages.  But we all must begin somewhere.  

There are many special ways of creating watchable eye candy that traps and holds the viewers enabling you to get your messages to the masses. 

Do you really have a choice about learning this amazing technology?  The good news is really satisfying and fun! It’s truly empowering! 

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