Monday, October 09, 2017

The Las Vegas Massacre could have been stopped Cold!


Baby"G" said...

Unarmed Security is No Security!

Howard Gibson said...

The security guard was up against a collection of automatic weapons with 100 round magazines. What sort of firepower should the guard have been carrying? How much training would be required to use such weaponry efficiently and safely? What do you pay the security guard trained to this level? Did the security guard have any clue of who or what was in that hotel room? Could there be more than one maniac in there?

If you were trained to the level of skill needed to stop a maniac locked up in a hotel room with a collection of automatic weapons, would you be satisfied with sitting in front of a computer monitor all day, drinking coffee, and telling people where the washrooms are?

Gun control reduces the problems caused by drunks, other idiots and petty criminals who should not be in possession of firearms. These shooting rampages are planned ahead of time, giving the perpretrators time to acquire the weapons they need. This particular perp (let's not identify him by name) was an outlier, with the financial resources to purchase and stock sophisticated weapons, making him that much harder to stop. Is it really a good thing that people can buy bump-firing stocks and hundred round magazines?

We could equip hotel rooms with explosive charges so that we can kill the occupants any time they become dangerous. Where do you want to go with this?