Friday, August 25, 2017

Why Complaining About President Trump's Tweets is Both Lame and Bogus

That was then
This is now!
Washington, DC—The mainstream media has gone bonkers as President Trump has bypassed them, their nasty spin and malicious editing. He’s done this with his tweets published directly to the world. 

Is this behavior unprecedented? Absolutely not!  The constant whining and carping however is a new thing for our media!

Okay most of us were not alive when our Socialist President, Franklin D.  Roosevelt used and abused the relatively new mass media of radio with his then popular “Fireside Chats”.  There was no barking out of hostile question by the press since they were only invited to broadcast the oneway chats and shut the Hell up. 

Frankly there was a huge literacy gap in the USA at the time and millions were unable to read newspapers.  Roosevelt always got the first and last word. 
Roosevelt was a huge hero of the political Left as he did incredibly monstrous things like bar Jews he knew were fleeing from Nazi mass genocide in Germany and Hitlers captured nations, from entering the USA.  That along with interring thousands of loyal American citizens of Japanese decent in concentration camps for the duration of the war.   

I must however now criticize President Trump for not broadcasting live Youtube messages with something as simple as his iPhone.  

As for the Leftist mainstream media jackals and hyenas, they’re free to print or broadcast whatever political propaganda they wish to the gullible public like they’ve been doing for decades.

Let all the messages hang out for the voters to decide!      


Big Daddy said...

I agree and have been saying this ever since PRESIDENT Trump started tweeting. Why shouldn't he Tweet? It's a good way to get the truth out to the American public. He's not going to get a fair shot from the MSM and we cannot trust them to tell us the truth. We all know that the media slants everything to suit their agenda. So I say Tweet away PRESIDENT Trump.

Anonymous said...

Suntimes sinks to a new low