Sunday, January 29, 2017

Is Civil War Returning to America?

Washington, DC—We are a divided nation like never before or at least since the North and South rained carnage on each other not that long ago. 

Donald Trump won the election promising an end to importing crime, drugs, poverty and terrorism through a castrated immigration control system.  The Leftists politicians (that includes both Bush Presidents) never had enough votes to repeal immigration laws so they simply obstructed justice and willfully refused to enforce it.
From Gun rights, free medical care demands and the Global Warming theory, the Left and Conservatives are at constant odds.  

We settled it with an election that Donald Trump won. However the Left can’t emotionally deal with losing and are taking to the streets in some cases like thugs.  It’s laughable as they are all shooting cell phone video of each other’s bad behavior. 

The political venom is getting worse everyday.  The Left is well known for using violence as a political tactic.  It’s only a matter of time before the Soros funded agitators begin arson, bombing and shooting.  The violence will be contained in the larger populated cities where rioters will burn their own homes along with the local businesses they need. 

The police with somehow deal with this with little support from their Leftist mayors and local politicians. It could become an epic mess.

As for the rest of the nation the well armed and trained civilians will backup the cops and National Guard easily crushing the undisciplined and untrained Leftist troublemakers should they try and leave the cities.  

As for a coup d’e tat it just ain’t gonna happen!  The military and police will never side with the Leftists.

In short, a Civil War would simply control the population of the political Left in a big and messy way.    

The real solution of for the Leftists to get back on their meds and calm down.  They need to work within the system and help make this country the greatest place on earth.  

We all must all strive to support each other making sure no innocents suffer.  We all want full employment, health insurance and peace for all. 

Conservatives like me just want our guns, religion and wallets left alone. Communism/Socialism does not work. 

The followers of the political Left should begin to study the ideas of our Founding Fathers.  History is the best teacher.  Join the Conservatives because they’re the ones working for peace and humanity.  Let’s move forward working together in a united and freedom loving nation. 


JeremyR said...

This is like Germany circa 1930. Not when Hitler won, but when he lost. The socialists were rioting and looting in much the same way as they are now.

thebronze said...

Well said, Paul/

thebronze said...

Well said, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Got 556??

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

And 308 and 50. Any questions?