Sunday, September 25, 2016

Like your .40 Caliber Pistol? Check this out!

I located the original video and have restored it for your education.  Conflict avoidance is the best way to survive.  Pumping a few shots into someone does not always incapacitate!  


Anonymous said...

What should we carry then Paul? The 9mm seems to have worked out well for the Navy SEALS and various other military and Police Departments world wide. There are too few rounds with the 45.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I like to believe in the concept of bigger is better and because of that I carry a 45 or a 44 magnum. I don't overlook the 357 sig. when the magic bullet is ever developed I will buy it!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with 40 S&W.Video doesn't tell you anything.Keep shooting til the threat is stopped.Shot placement is key.

Anonymous said...

230 hard ball worked just fine for my family during WWII.

thebronze said...

You have to begin with the proposition that ANY handgun round is a sub-par "Man-Stopper", so if it's not a rifle caliber round, the pistol caliber matters VERY LITTLE in the larger scheme of things. We carry handguns because they're mobile and convenient to carry, not because they're particularly good at what they do.

There is VERY LITTLE difference between a .35 caliber (9mm) round and a .40 or .45 caliber round. You're only talking a .10" difference in a 9mm and .45 round. Is that .10" difference really going to mean anything in a dynamic gunfight? No, it isn't.

Personally, I think you're far better off to carry a 9mm pistol over other calibers for the same reason that the FBI and most police departments have gone back to it; they're easier to shoot, they carry more rounds, faster follow-up shots, they're less-expensive and they're available almost anywhere in the world.

Pistol rounds are deadlier than they've ever been (due to bullet design technology) but they still aren't deadly enough.

As always, successive/multiple hits in a vital area (head/heart) are what stops a violent criminal's actions, not any particular pistol caliber.

Jorden Lemons said...

Hi Paul! Would you please provide me with your email? I am an intern for a new True Crime podcast and my producer would love to get into touch with you! You can email me here if you'd like.
Thank you!