Thursday, June 16, 2016

Posters Cause Liberals to Panic In West Hollywood

West Hollywood, CA--This Morning inhabits of this predominately Gay city woke up this morning seeing these Shoot Back posters everywhere.  The send a strong and solid message of resistance to the horror show we now call, The Pulse Nightclub Massacre.

Reaction of panicked local politicians was quick as they ordered city workers to immediately remove them.  The politicians told the media that the posters were way out of character for their residents and sent the “wrong” message.  Wow!  I must ask if they are they really that candyassed? 
I know a lot of Gays, and yes they tend to be Liberal, but on the issue of self-defense they are divided.  There is a large pro-gunfights organization, The Pink Pistols that supports, protects and defends the simple words of the Second Amendment.  They have not lost their sense of self-preservation. 

What I’m horrified about is these same gunrights hating Gays demand that first responders place their lives on the line protecting them from harm!  I ask, why bother when these fools are so unwilling to protect themselves or each other! 

How brainwashed are these people that they have lost all instinct for simple survival. Gays have been the target of countless hate crimes and murders.  They are vulnerable and deserve protection but everyone has a responsibility to resist criminals, bullies and terrorists!  

My Gay friends are just that, my friends. I want then safe and free from harm.  That has to begin with their own sense of survival and desire to live.  

The police don’t have the manpower to begin to protect Americans from attacks by terrorists.  They will respond in time to clean up the mess. I implore my Gay friends to get firearms and the necessary training because their lives may depend upon that.  

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Left Coast Conservative said...

Yes, those politicians really are that candyassed. You need to remember that this is Califonia, the land where guns have no social utility. Therefore, self defense has no social utility either. 50 dead gays in a club is morally superior to 50 live gays learning about self defense at a Pink Pistols meeting.