Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hans Gruber, A Masterful Movie Villain is Really Gone Today

Los Angeles, CA—I’ve always been sad that the greatest Villain of the Die Hard film franchise, Hans Gruber was killed off and has never returned.  I wanted so much to see a rematch that was impossible after the wild Gruber death scene.
Now it’s even sadder to report that the actor, Alan Rickman has left our world at age 69 from cancer. Rickman was an incredibly versatile actor that could play anything marvelously. 
Hans Gruber was a challenging role for Rickman playing the cunning, educated, suave and nasty terrorist/robber in the original Die Hard film.   Rickman mastered a German accent.  Gruber’s weapon of choice was a classic HK P7-M13, 9mm pistol with a suppressor.  It’s a very rare, highly dependable and undeniably expensive pistol to say the least.  I have the blue steel version terrific gun sans the suppressor.
Actors sometimes have the privilege to die more than once! This was Ricman’t lot in life.
Rickman’s death in the Die Hard film was exciting to say the least:

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