Saturday, August 08, 2015


Washington, DC--Hillary Clinton's constant corruption has created an real opportunity for the Lame Duck First Lady to stay in the Whitehouse for as much as another eight years.

Suddenly the Obama Justice Department has begun an investigation into the Clinton e-mail activities thar clearly are at least technical violations of law.  Any prosecutor could present a case to a Federal Grand Jury and secure a multi-count indictment against Clinton in a heartbeat. 

That would creat an instant opportunity for the overly ambitious Mrs. Obama to step up and offer herself up as the party nominee.  Democrats will see it as a way of gaining two more terms of Omana rule. But would she actually do that? I say sure she would! 


Anonymous said...

First off.... GREAT Site!
Hummmmm. I think there are strong similarities between the Obamas and the Clintons and the way Hillary and Michelle took off with their own projects or agendas. Though Michelle seems to have been more successful having people embrace her involvement and projects. Both women are power hungry, and seem to have no limits to what they would do to attain their desired destination.
Hey maybe we will see another Executive Order or other means allowing Barry to somehow stay longer... can you say King and Queen. won't we be lucky.........

The Obamas sure keep the doors oiled at the Talk and Late night shows they frequent.

JeremyR said...

Ambitious? She is lazy, self centered and corrupt. A carbon copy of Hildabeast.