Monday, June 09, 2014

Las Vegas Mutant Cop Killers and a Few Facebook Favorite Photos

Las Vegas, NV—This is very early information and it does not contain their criminal history or mental health information. of two maniacs that decided to murder two unsuspecting cops eating lunch her on a quiet Sunday.  There will be more to come. 
Apparently Jared and Amanda Woodruff Miller began their own revolution yesterday by ambushing and murdering the two young cops, Igor Solodo, 41 and Alyn Beck, 31 as they were both having lunch at CiCi’s Pizzeria .    After killing the cops they quickly stripped them of their guns, ammunition, body armor and police badges.  The announced that the revolution had begun and fled to a nearby WalMart.
The story from there becomes confusing.  A yet to be identified woman was murdered at the WalMart as the two maniacs shot up this big box store.  People fled.  There is a report that a yet to be identified licensed concealed weapon holder engaged the two in gunfire and many have wounded one of them saving lives.
Eventually they were surrounded by police and currently it’s believed that Amanda shot Jared dead and then killed herself. 
None of us can imagine motives or mindset for this kind of violence.  The press branded them as White Supremacists, but their victims were white.  That makes no sense.  But these kinds of things never do. 
It looks like their revolution is over but in a sick society that refuses to confine dangerously mentally ill people we can expect more.  These news making violent events were not part of the American Culture until the mental hospitals were all emptied and shut down.  


Anonymous said...

A white supremacist with a hipster goatee and a peace sign on the wall? I doubt it. The corrupted media always brands every shooter as a white supremacist or Tea Party member. I am sure we’ll eventually find out they’re typically insane liberals.

More likely they are the children of broken homes who were never taught Judeo Christian values. Drifted into deviance and the state tried to medicate them into passivity. Being prescribed powerful psychotropic drugs seems to be a commonality most of these shooters share lately.

Anonymous said...

We aren't going to "solve" anything. Particularly now as relates to these two hicks from Lafayette, Indiana.

We all now know with significantly reduced mental health beds, greatly increased health privacy laws, and flat-lined law enforcement budgets, there will continue to be plenty of mentally ill people out on the streets.

All you can do is stay away from people that have the highest levels of dangerous attributes: criminal record, gang activity, low intelligence/illiterate, unemployed, anti-social, mentally ill.

Yes, this means profiling people, and yes, this means carrying a gun should you not be able to anticipate trouble.

Retired law enforcement IL

Anonymous said...

Why is someone who claims to be Anti-Government automatically labeled by the Media as a right-winger after an act of violence is performed? It does seem after thorough investigation of these type incidents the past several years, that those who carried out the vast majority of violent acts were actually "Left-Wingers", not the opposite.
Our Government is made up of both Left-wing and right wing Politicians. This is just another example of the corrupt, lying Mainstream News Media looking to stir up shit, exploit and sensationalize to its own benefit and Left-Wing Political Agenda.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will be done about this. Just the opposite, in fact. My wife worked for our state's attorney general's office for several years as a paralegal assistance to the attorneys there.

During the entire time she was employed there, she worked with one attorney whose sole job was to get people in the state's mental institutions released on what was referred to as "conditional releases". And they were successful at obtaining these releases about 98% of the time.

Suddenly, as if it came out of nowhere, our society is overwhelmed with so-called homeless people, a thing that was never experienced to any degree in our nation before the Nineties and this government driven exodus of the mentally ill from institutions.

So now every bleeding-heart is all aflutter and ever so upset and concerned about the plight of homeless people. Few people make the connection of the new wave of homeless people and the release of people who should be institutionalized for their own safety and good.

This is not to say that some homeless people are homeless for economic reasons and not mentally ill, but by and large this group is a small fraction of the homeless wandering our streets without medication and without the want to avail themselves of such medications even though they are free to those who need them.

Is there anything more corrupt than the politicians who follow the ignorance of the public to set policies of this kind . . . so they will be re-elected?

Anonymous said...

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