Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Whitehouse Propagandists Claim 90% of Americans want Expanded Background Checks. Really?

Protesters across from The George Brown Convention Center in Houston Texas
Houston, TX—The National Rifle Association just held their Annual Meeting here.  Membership of the NRA tops five million.  This meeting hosted a record crowd of over 86,000 folks that came in from all 50 states.   The economy of Houston was boosted along with public safety.  You see most of the NRA members came armed with lawful loaded and concealed weapons. 
As for that 90% claim there were about two-dozen determined demonstrators that can be seen above.  I guess it’s time to wonder where these 90% are hiding.  The answer is abundantly clear that 90% figure is the product of an Obama wet dream.
I was hanging out for a while with none other than Glen Beck at the Eagle Grips booth who seemed to like Mother of Pearl and Ivory grips for some of his personal firearms.

Glen Beck visiting with Paul Huebl


Anonymous said...

loved the Glen Beck on Assange and Sweden- really hilarious



Anonymous said...

Pretty ironic for Obama to be asking for background checks.