Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don’t Like the TSA? You Can Blame Obama and Bush too!

Bend over and spread your cheeks bitch!
Washington, DC—The TSA focus on potential terrorists has been shifted to harmless grandmas traveling with their grandchildren.  Americans by the millions are getting punished when they travel because of horrible public policy that supports only the illusion of security. 
Privacy, dignity and comfort have been stolen from traveling Americans.   Since 9/11 it has only been alert passengers that have stopped each and every threat, not the TSA!  The TSA can’t claim a single instance where they have prevented a serious security threat.
The TSA relentlessly brags how they get a few handguns or pocketknives from forgetful passengers.  Frankly the vast majority of those discovered with those weapons were lawfully carrying them until they forgot to double check before getting into in the security lines.  These people are simply no risk to anyone.
Not all Muslims are terrorists but virtually every terrorist is a Muslim.  In fact they are male, Muslims between the ages of 18 and 35.  Many of them were flying with passports from nations we are at war with right now!  Our Anglo grandmother’s get more scrutiny than the likely candidates that may actually need special attention.  Why do we allow people from unfriendly nations on our planes in the first place?
Two politically radical Muslims, his father and his stepfather raised Obama.   It’s understandable why his loyalty has been misplaced.  Accordingly he has let lawyer Janet Napolitano run wild with her air travel tyranny.  A career cop, not Napolitano, should have filled that Homeland Security position. 
The entire TSA program and the FAA system before it, was and is ineffective, and wasteful.   The program absolutely violates our Fourth Amendment Rights against unreasonable search and seizure.  The argument is that Americans don’t deserve the right to travel by air, train or even a bus!  That’s an outrageous argument. 
We should have simply trained and armed every pilot.  Additionally we could have recruited the nations certified and trained cops to fly while armed at a significant discount if they’d accept Air Marshall duties.  Cops are trained and vastly experienced to notice suspicious behavior.  Our TSA workers have no real education, training or skills and are barely qualified to work at the most menial of positions. 
Putting these TSA workers in police style uniforms complete with gold badges is an insult to every working cop in America.  It also attracts the most mentally unstable people seeking positions of authority over others.
The TSA workers have proven themselves to be rude, nasty, larcenous and downright dangerous.  They have moved vast quantities of narcotics and have been a part of the problem instead of a solution. Personally I fear the TSA far more that any terrorist.
The TSA needs to be eliminated and a real security program must replace it.  It’s a challenge that must be made to keep the peace in a free society.  Our skies can be kept safe for a fraction of the cost. 
Most importantly we could make flying fun again and revitalize the travel and tourism industry that the TSA has placed into bankruptcy.  It would translate into thousands of productive jobs.
How are airlines are protected begins and ends at the Whitehouse.  We need a president that has the courage to do the right thing when it comes to policing air travelers.  We must always remember we have fought wars to make sure we never had Nazi style checkpoints abusing travelers.  I guess we’ve forgotten about that.