Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Drew Peterson, a Victim of Prosecutorial and Judicial Tyranny

Joliet, IL—We are watching the second anniversary of retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson’s arrest without a trial. An appeal taken forth on a judicial ruling by prosecutors has prevented Peterson from getting his day in court. He’s been held on an unusually high bail of $20 million.

This might not be so egregious had Peterson been held on more than a promise of producing normally inadmissible incriminating hearsay evidence. The hearsay consists of nothing more than versions of conversations provided by people who have financial incentives to see Peterson convicted. Some of the hearsay is nothing more than third-part gossip. This garbage does not belong in an American courtroom.

There is not a single shred of physical evidence that Peterson harmed anyone. The evidence of the cause of death of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio is by no means settled scientifically. If the cause of death is somehow a homicide there still is no meaningful evidence that sheds light on a possible killer. The facts remain that there was no signs of forced entry to the home and Savio had changed the locks. There is no dispute that Peterson had no key.

Peterson’s forth wife, Stacy Peterson has not returned to her children and is still nowhere to be found. The fact is she was seeing other men and told at least one of them she planned on disappearing as a way to get out of an unhappy marriage. Police, prosecutors, and the gossipmongers can only guess where Stacy Peterson is today. We don’t jail people on guesswork in America except in Joliet, IL.

It’s time to give Peterson a fair trial or send him home. This is not about Peterson it’s about Prosecutorial and Judicial Tyranny. If they can do this to Drew Peterson, they can also do it to you.


Anonymous said...

So True Paul, it happened to Drew peterson, therefore it could happen to anyone. Either there is evedince to proceed, or there isn't. Scarey that our Constitution looks like a piece of worn out Cheesecloth to the Socialist Politicians and their Tools in Law Enforcement Agencies everywhere, instead of the ingenious Document which it truly is. Truly a perfect example of Prosecutorial and Judicial Tyranny at its finest, and VERY scarey to ANYONE who has half a brain in their head that understands what all this is really all about, the Hi-Jacking of the American Criminal Justice System by the current Socialist Regime running America.. .

Anonymous said...

I would be careful to not blame any one group for Political or Judicial Tyranny - that is Socialist Politicians or Republican politicians.

For instance - President George W. Bush nominated Jay S. Bybee to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, confirmed by the United States Senate on March 13, 2003. At the time the Senate did not know that Jay S. Bybee had ratified the "Torture Memos" a year earlier exactly - March 13th 2002

See: http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2009-03-02-justicememo_N.htm

Since Jay S. Bybee has been made a Federal Appeal Court Judge - he has helped to put a stop to civil rights cases being brought to courts in California with a brand new published decision (2006) - which has helped the existing County of Los Angeles Prosecutorial and Judicial Tyranny to continue unhampered in California.

Since these California Officials can do what they want, and get away with it,

and IN FACT do do what they want, and are happy to make up any BS against some unsuspecting innocent since there is no-one to stop them which includes the Federal Government,

Because of Jay S. Bybee and the County of Los Angeles, no-one can bring a lawsuit in Federal Court or California Courts for civil rights violations unless they have thousands and their life to gamble.

In addition apart from that major hiccup that stops civil rights cases from being brought to the US law courts- and even without these obstacles -- the odds are better at Las Vegas when it comes to winning a lawsuit against a corrupt Government and their corrupt employees.

Status Quo

Anonymous said...

More than just the HI-Jacking of the American Criminal Justice system -

I see it as a HI- Jacking of the entire justice system, with absolute tyranny,

because if the state is out to get you - you cannot defend yourself - even if you are a police officer like Drew Peterson- and even if there is no evidence -

There is money to be made in Prosecutors arresting someone and that includes falsely arresting someone. If the Prosecutors succeed in dirtying up someone's name the people of the State will feel protected and happy that a murdererer has been locked up. But what if the man is not a murderer, and is instead entirely innocent?

and to make it broader - if you are not a criminal defendant but instead have had your civil rights violated and have been framed by California police and County of Los Angeles Sheriffs the Government and the Judges will still stick it to you giving you a slow death in the corrupt justice system where they build up your hopes with favorable published Federal Court decisions only to let you hang 10 years later.

There is no justice in America- when the police are into covering up and framing you and the Courts are out to get you, when they want to cover-up for someone in Government- in that situation there is only coverup upon cover-up -framing the victim with false police and judicial witnesses, promotion for the false witnesses, money, more power, and more genetically engineered & biased judicial decisions.

Patriot said above Truly a perfect example of Prosecutorial and Judicial Tyranny at its finest, and VERY scarey to ANYONE who has half a brain in their head that understands what all this is really all about, the Hi-Jacking of the American Criminal Justice System by the ... Regime running America..

Anonymous said...

I think he is probably guilty. But I agree they seem to have no substantial evidence against him. I feel the justice system is trying to make up for past mistakes they made that set the table for Drew's last wife's disappearance. Kind of like what they did to O. J. Simpson. They couldn't get him for the Brown/Goldman murders. So, they get you on something later on down the road.