Monday, April 04, 2011

The Berlin Wall Was a Monument to Socialism

(Peter Leibing’s famous picture of the East German soldier Conrad Schumann jumping over the Berlin Wall. Leibing’s photograph of the 19-year-old East German border guard throwing away his rifle as he hurled over barbed wire on his way into West Berlin was taken on August 15, 1961, two days after East Germany sealed off its border with the wall.)

Berlin, Germany—The Russians captured Berlin at the End of World War two. The Nazis were replaced by the Socialist pigs of the USSR. The Soviet soldiers were allowed to rape the women and children of Berlin as spoils of war long after it ended. One horrid form of Fascism was replaced with another. After 12 long years of Nazi rule the people of East Germany had to endure over four additional decades in a captive nation.

The many miles of wall and border guards became a massive public works project of the East German Democratic Republic. They wanted to stop the hemorrhage of citizens fleeing to freedom in the West.

Scores of liberty loving people were legally murdered by East German border guards for merely trying to escape the yoke of that Socialist disease. Additionally thousands were imprisoned and had their children permanently taken away for resisting this nasty form of government.

I find it most interesting that Rudi Dutschke who became the Godfather of West German Marxism student movement during the 1960s, spent the later part of his life fighting a war of ideals against the Soviets. I guess Dutschke had a little buyer’s remorse.

Anyone that thinks Karl Marx had a better idea is either a fool or a criminal seeking to control others and more importantly, their wealth.


Anonymous said...

and yet we built a wall on our southern border.Its not complete,has numerous gaps,made out of like 17 different types of fencing/wall.
It has huge enviormental impact on local wildlife.

Anonymous said...

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Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Andrea is indeed a hottie. More than that she is a refined and elegant woman that is a role model. Andrea is indeed a star!

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